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Ref: WRDC /L-158

Dt. 15 April 08

Sub: Ten Years since “The Conference on Water Reservoirs in The National Economy”.
State of the Irrigation assets & Energy Scenario. The implications of India’s NCP.

It was on 09 Feb 98 that our nascent NGO convened a conference “ Water Reservoirs in the National Economy” at Islamabad. The morning session of the conference was presided by the honorable Prime Minister and during the full days discussion all major aspects of our predominantly irrigated agriculture, hydro energy potential and related long term social aspects were addressed. The legendary S.S Kirmani Sahib was unable to attend but his kind fax message was read out. Three months later he was summoned by the Creator. His message remains most relevant. The guest from Turkey made an inspiring analysis of the Greater Anatolian Project (GAP). An enlightening talk was given by Dr. Grein of Switzerland on desilting of reservoirs and his experiences in China. Our NGO was privileged to have presented late Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Fazle Raziq, late Lt. Gen (Rtd) Dr. Ghulam Safdar Butt, Engr. Hissamuddin Bangash. The guest speaker Engr. Khalid Mohtadullah (Member Water, WAPDA) had covered the entire aspects of reservoir construction with the focus on the IBIS (Indus Basin Irrigation System). There was a prolific technical session in the afternoon covered by eminent irrigation engineer of Sindh Mr. Elahi Buskh Soomro, then Speaker of the National Assembly. The expected pit-falls in the building of Bhasha-Diamer and the near impossible status of Katzarah/Yago/Skardu on humanitarian and ecological grounds were also deliberated by several experts. A resolution was unanimously approved by the delegates for the construction of atleast one reservoir on the Indus without further loss of time. Everyone agrees that some 24 years have already been lost as max 10 years after Tarbela (1974) a new reservoir construction should have started and made available latest by 1990 within a cost USD5Bn. In financial terms our NGO reckons a staggering wastage of around USD 230Bn equivalent due to non-availability of Kalabagh Dam alone that could have kept our economic growth far ahead of our population increase. What some friends now consider a near hopeless sociological situation would have been definitely averted. The arbitrary private thermal power policy of 1994 based primarily on imported oil after imposing a ban on increased public sector generation was a national tragedy. Let us now discuss the rising menace of India’s Northern Canal Linking Project. What this world’s largest irrigation project started in 2006 and estimated to be completed in 2016 at a cost of USD 200Bn + means for the future of our children. It is also known as the “River Linking Project”. What are the real implications of Baghliar Dam, Kishinganga Barrage and ofcourse the infrastructure on the Wullar Lake? Being in the peace mode we should surely advocate a “fast track” peaceful accord. There has to be now a recognition by the world community of our historical apprehensions that Kashmir is a water related issue. Since 1947 we have failed to surmount the Indian factor. India must respect in letter and spirit the tenets of the “Indus Waters Treaty 1960”. It is sacrosanct. The under construction irrigation infrastructure in Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir is looking ominous. By orchestrating an internal opposition to KBD & other sweet water projects, does India intentionally plan a genocidal war against the people of Pakistan?

The sustainable solutions of the energy, industrial, agricultural and social crises are available since
28 March 2008 in the shape of a detailed report/booklet. The three 2004 letters of late Dr. Butt to President Musharraf are included therein. All this will be on the web within April 08. Later this year a more comprehensive book version will be published.

In this first circular we attach the transcript of a historical letter dated 06 Sep 1951 by the Mr. Eugene R. Black President International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank). Its enclosure
(a ten page doc) is the famous article “Another Korea in the making ” by David E. Lilienthal.
Long live Pakistan.

Convener WRDC / Engr. Suleman N. Khan

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